Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Do I Need?

Because I can't seem to resist a meme, I pinched this one from Lulu and discovered just how fun it was. As instructed, I googled my name and the word "needs." Oh my! I think I have some issues.

1. Sharon needs to be told to stop shooting and start talking. (I am pretty good with a squirt gun)
2. Sharon needs a new word. (Maybe one that would adequately describe my state of sleep deprivation)
3. Sharon needs more time to work out a peace policy. (Bink and Sweetness are about to be *sprung* from school. I definitely need more time!)
4. Sharon needs therapy. (duh!)
5. Sharon needs understanding. (Maybe this is why I need therapy)
6. Sharon needs to create a new special unit to do the dirty work. (Yeah, baby! Have somebody else do all the crappy stuff.)
7. Sharon needs some more money. (Again, duh! Graduate school + home project=Killer Debt)
8. Sharon needs a friend. (With Lulu leaving soon, this couldn't be more true. Who will go to all the concerts with me?)
9. Sharon needs your gowns. (My life is so posh, I've run fresh out of gowns.)
10. Sharon needs to hear from people tonight. (On second thought, no. I'll be writing a paper.)

Well, that was fun and a lovely way to avoid my homework for a few minutes.


Echo said...

T, I've no gowns to give... well, except for the one...but we must NEVER speak of it!!!

Beth said...

I'm come meet you for concerts when Lulu starts Her Big Adventure. Maybe we can meet in Louisville or Memphis.

Grant Miller said...

I would attend concerts with you, but I'm too much of a lame ass suburban dad. But I can attend them in spirit and tell people I was there.