Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Very Good Day for the Ten S Clan

Today my father got remarried. This is a very good thing. His new wife is a lovely woman. After such a painful recent past with the loss of my mom, it was good to go to a happy family celebration. They were both desperately lonely after losing their respective spouses and finding each other has been very healing for both of them. I met my new step-family today and they were all very nice and just as happy as we were to be celebrating.

To cap off a great day, we stopped by Harms Woods on the way home so that Bink could get to view the cicadas. There are none by our house, but the woods are full of them. After being all buttoned up at the wedding, he appreciated the chance to frolic and play with his beloved bugs for awhile. We all arrived home a little lighter, a little happier I think.


lulu said...

You dad looks really happy. (So doe Evan)

Bubs said...

beautiful pictures!

Glad Bink got some up-close time with the cicadas. I'm still waiting, myself.

Beth said...

Congrats to your dad. I'm glad he's found happiness again.

Bink is so cute! Did you get photos of the cicads?

Johnny Yen said...

Congrats to your father!

The cicadas have still been avoiding my neighborhood.

Grant Miller said...

Congratulations. I'm sorry you had to see cicadas.