Monday, June 18, 2007

And Now A Message From The Schrute

Dear Readers of Slum-acious S,

I have taken over this blog due to the inability of one *Tenacious S* to fulfill her duties in providing welcome packages to new GEWs (Dig through the Unofficial if you need more info). Consequently, this blog will now be dedicated all things *Schrutey*.

Please take this time to look through your worthless souls and realize the many times you have improperly employed a verb tense or the many times in grade school you incorrectly defined the pluperfect. Am I clear? That will do.

Tenacious S will be allowed to return only after she has returned to fulfilling her duties to our GEWish faith.

Yours In Battle,

Dwight K. Schrute
Assistant to the Regional Manager


Beth said...

I love you, Schrute. But could you hook me up with Jim?

Dwgt said...

Why anyone would want to be associated with *Jim* is beyond me. Fortunately for you, I am currently spoken for. I will abduct Jim, tie him with Duct Tape, and have him delivered via overnight express service provided you promise to never let him leave your house.... EVER!

That's all I have to say about Jim here.

Beth said...

Believe me: I would never allow Jim to escape.

kim said...

This post deserves some Schrute-bucks.