Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Forgive Me

I apologize for not being around as much as I have been in the past. Rough start for everyone in our family this fall and I am the one left to sweep up. I have now morphed into Tenacious S-Super Advocate and will be spending most of my spare energy getting my kids squared away. I am frustrated beyond explanation with the school system. I seriously want to hurt someone at this point. I'm used to this battle because I do it all of the time for my clients. Now it's time to take them on for my own babes. I particularly am pissed off at my son's school and have fantasies about meeting the principal out behind the school and pummeling her into the ground. I can dream, can't I?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Life is Totally Fair...

So, are we surprised that the victims of the California fires are getting the rock star treatment? The fires have conveniently occurred in what is basically a Republican stronghold, better known as the Orange Curtain. W and Ahhhnold have flown over the scene and have aid centers that rival the Ritz Carlton set up already. In one of the most population dense areas of the country, they have managed an evacuation of an enormous number of people. No Katrina here, folks. While I am truly glad that casualties have been low, it smacks of hypocrisy to me. Save the rich! And for goodness sakes, those folks need coffee and a comfy bed!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monkey Business

No, I'm not talking about the demise of our much beloved Green Monkey Music Project, but I am talking about mayhem created by real monkeys. Although this sort of news is usually covered by Bubs over at the Compound, I couldn't resist. Admittedly, it is a tragic story, but I couldn't let go of the images this one brings to mind.

Apparently, according to a news report, the deputy mayor of New Delhi was hanging out on his balcony reading, when he was attacked by a marauding gang of monkeys. A struggle ensued and the poor man fell to his death. The monkeys are becoming a real problem in New Delhi, where Hindus regard them as sacred.

Lulu's description of the American Club in Dhaka included reports of monkeys in the trees. She has asked me to come visit her. We've talked about going to New Delhi. Of all the things that one needs to prepare for when traveling to a different country, I never thought monkey attacks would be one of them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mommy Monster

There are many times when I find myself saying things to my children that sound strangely familiar to me. I call them my "Mommy Monster Moments." Those moments when I am no longer Tenacious S and turn into the Incredible Mommy. I try very hard to never end anything with a "because I said so" mostly because it drove me nuts as a kid, but I do most of the things you will now witness. Behold, the Mommy Monster!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong that when I saw all the little files used for my root canal, all I could think of was Pinhead from Hellraiser? Just wondering.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey, if you're bored and wondering what to do this Friday night, I suggest that you head over to Bill's Blues in Evanston on Davis just west of the tracks, where my friend, and local artist, Anne Elisabeth Hogh will be doing live casting. You can either go and watch people get plastered or you can volunteer yourself. If you love it, she'll turn it into a unique work of art for you. I'll be there from about 5 o'clock on. She'll be there from 4-close (really late and past my bedtime). Love to see some of you there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Books That I Read

I really wanted to read a novel tonight. Really. I did. I wanted to curl up in my bed after having a lovely root canal today with a glass of red wine and some fine fiction. I wish that was what happened, but it's not. Doped up on pain killers and with a mouth that felt like it belonged to someone else, I plowed through yet another tedious chapter in yet another psychology text book. Sure, some of it is interesting and it absolutely is important, but it just isn't Michael Chabon, is it. I know it's making me smarter, but I'm a Renaissance kind of girl. I feel like I'm so narrowly focused that I'm missing out. My brain wants to run free in a field of fiction, or maybe even some non-fiction that has NOTHING to do with psychology. I'll console myself with the fact that I am honing my craft and sharpening my mind. Truth is, I'm bored.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

WWBD (What Would a Behaviorist Do?) Vol. V

Dear Behaviorist,
I just can't figure out why my children constantly find themselves in the principal's office. They go to an afterschool homework support firm, play soccer for the local and traveling teams, play an instrument, and belong to the youth group at church. Occasionally they complain that they are tired, but whenever I see them they are always giving it their all. I am so proud of them! I tell them this all of the time. I tell them that they are great soccer players, that they are gifted musicians and that they are incredibly bright children. What could possibly be wrong? My husband and I have devoted our entire lives to their success. I don't know what we'll do if we have discipline issues on our hands. This could affect their ability to take part in the traveling team. Help!

Devoted Soccer Mom

Dear DSM,
Take a step back from your hectic life and think for a moment about why your children have snapped. Could it be your own insecurities being played out through their success? Could it be the intense pressure you have placed on them to perform? Could it be as simple as a lack of sleep? I think it is a combination of the three that is the antecedent to the anger outbursts happening at school. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you asked your child what they would like to do? Or here's another one, do you have any interests of your own other than your children? Placing unrealistic expectations on children can cause large amounts of stress for both them and yourself. My suggestion is this, Try a little negative reinforcement (not the same as punishment). Relieve them of their pressures for a week. If they appear happier then the removal of the schedule is a negative reinforcer, telling you that you have removed the negative stimulus. Let me know what happens. I'll just bet that they will enjoy lowered expectations, but will surprise you by showing what their true interests are. Happy dribbling!

The Behaviorist

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Predict a Riot

I love autumn. The chill in the air, the subtle hues of a gray sky juxtaposed with the vivid oranges, flaming reds and golden yellows of the leaves, watching the squirrels quicken their pace as they prepare for winter, the two days of chaotic, clamorous music blasting from the Congress stage...

November 17th and 18th are the two days of Riot Fest this year. Headlining day one is none other than my hometown heroes, Naked Raygun. Day two will be headlined by the infamous and seminal band Bad Brains. Some of the other bands on the bill are Stiff Little Fingers, 7 Seconds, Nekromantix, The Casualties, The Bollweevils and so much more. All of this in the fabulous Congress Theater.

So here's where I say we invoke a gathering of the tribe. I know many of you enjoy destroying your hearing as much as I do. Let's unite for this great event! Two whole days of drinking beer, hanging out and listening to some great music. That's what I call heaven on earth. Go to the Riot Fest webpage for all the info on tickets, bands and times and then let me know who's in. Don't make me call you a chicken!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I like to think of myself as the tortoise. Maybe not very appropriate for a Speed It Up mix, but it seems to be my M.O. in life. I eventually get around to things. So here is the illuminating commentary for the Tenacious S Speed It Up mix, along with my grateful thanks to Splotchy for allowing me to participate in the monkey business. The plan of this mix was to start at whatever BPM your heart desired, but it had to continually increase across the mix. For being a tortoise, I kind of like it real fast, so it didn't stay slow for long.

1. Pyramid Song-Radiohead
Does this song even have a beat? Like much of Radiohead's music, I find that it meanders around my brain, crawling into crevices that maybe I hadn't noticed before.

2. Spread Your Love-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
A slow dirty groove, and I mean dirty. Makes you want to, uh, take a shower.

3. Failures-Joy Division
Post-punk with a sharp beat and a sharper wit. This is where the mix starts to act like it's going someplace and that maybe it might be in a hurry.

4. Groovin' in the Bus Lane-Jazz Butcher
Happy feet! There was a time in my life where the Jazz Butcher probably fell in my Top Ten. I couldn't get enough of the witty lyrics and the gin-soaked lounge singer on the skids tunes.

5. Turning Inside Out-The Methadones
Pure melodic punk perfection. These guys are led by ex-Screeching Weasel Dan Schafer, which is a nice pedigree in this arena. Send your good thoughts out to their bass player, Pete, who was hit by a bus while riding his bike last week. He's OK, but he's been stapled together in a few places.

6. Nicotine Fit-Voodoo Glow Skulls
Oh, come on! Speeded up crazy ass ska. Yahoo! Makes me giddy.

7. TV II-Ministry
While I prefer the more danceable earlier Ministry, I knew they were my go-to guys for the most hellacious BPM's of all. This one is a pure adrenaline rush accompanied by a few whacks over the head with a big mallet.

Hope you had fun.

*Warning-Do not listen to mix while hopped up on Red Bull.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here It Goes Again

Folks, it's that time of year again. The time where I shamelessly beg you to pay to look at boobs. Sure, they're cute and round and fun, but sometimes boobs get sick. Now it'd be one thing if just the boobs got sick, but see, this disease can kill you. I know, because this is how I lost my mother almost three years ago.

So do me a favor, do boobs a favor, do real people with a real illness a favor, go oggle some boobs and drop some cash. It's all going to the Susan G. Komen organization, which supports breast cancer research and treatment. This wonderful organization that is using one of nature's kind of cool gifts to raise some cash for breast cancer is Boobiethon. My boobs will be there and they thank you as I am one of the people at risk.