Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Anglo Files Vol. II


Technically a British/Irish band, My Bloody Valentine were part of the fabulous shoegazer genre of feedback and fuzz. They are making my list because they remind me of an old friend, Jan Williams. I met Jan (pronounced "Yan") at the radio station in South Carolina. He was one of my DJ's and an exchange student from Warwick University in England. Jan was a great guy and had a nice working knowledge of alternative music. You know, unlike other British people I have known, Jan was a little less absolutist and more amiable. Anyhow, we got to be good friends over my last year in college.

After graduating, I worked for awhile and saved up all of my money and made a trip to Europe solo. One of my first stops when I was there was to visit Jan. I actually got quite ill while I was there with him, but was unable to get medical care until I got back to Germany where I was staying long term. Turns out that I had a kidney infection and really was pretty sick. So, weirdly, now My Bloody Valentine and Jan remind me of having a kidney infection. I'm not so sure that's good.


lulu said...

Funny, My Boody Valentine reminds me of you, and it reminds you of Yan. You have to wonder who it reminds Yan of.

I've never had a kidney infection, so there is no kidney infection music in my life.

Tenacious S said...

Do you have gall bladder attack music?

lulu said...

no, but I have food that reminds me of gall bladder attacks, a certain pasta salad in particular.

Grant Miller said...

I can never decide whether "Loveless" is better than "Isn't Anything." But both are off-the-charts brilliant.