Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Anglo Files Vol. I

THE CHILLS-Leather Jacket

I will admit that I probably am an Anglophile, especially when it comes to music. While I love, love, loved the alternative scene in general, there was something about the music that came out of England from the late '70's all the way through the '80's that crawled under my flesh and took root deep inside my brain. My exploration of this music was encouraged by a Brit that now is long gone from my life. As Lulu and I discussed some of the sillier aspects of this friendship earlier today, it sent me on a musical journey in my head to places I hadn't visited in a long time. There's a whole catalog of music that exists up there that I sometimes forget about. And so, to satiate myself and hopefully for your enjoyment, here's the first installation of music that is lurking around in the recesses of my mind.


lulu said...

well that was quite nice, certainly not crap.

Tenacious S said...


lulu said...

Go read Gizmo, she's talking about "Brit Speak" too.