Friday, March 30, 2007

10 + 1

Gotta love the androgeny that was omnipresent in the '80's. Boys dressed like girls, girls dressed like boys. I remember feeling very cool when I wore a tie and vest. I guarantee I was also wearing some garish shade of lipstick that was opalescent. So very attractive. The Human League song conjured up so fond and not so fond memories of that whole period in fashion. I am soooo much cooler in my zippy hoodies.

1.Kharma Chameleon-Culture Club
2.All the Small Things-Blink 182
3.Kool Flattop-Horrorpops
4.Period-Mission of Burma
5.Boards of Canada-Stereolab
6.Birdhouse in Your Soul-They Might Be Giants
7.I Don't Want This Anymore-Straylight Run
8.Letterbomb-Green Day
9.Raga Bahar-Ravi Shankar (WTF????)
10.Don't You Want Me-Human League


Did you know that the country that drinks the most coffee is Finland? They are followed in order by Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. I'm guessing months of darkness and ass freezing cold have something to do with it. These are my people. Maybe a coffee cup should be my tattoo. Nothing says punk rock like a cup of coffee. One lump or two.


Grant Miller said...

I LOVE that Ravi Shankar song!

Echo said...

Tattoo of cup o' joe on a viking ship! Now, we're talking....

Dale said...

Maybe have that drawing tattooed on in the dark to honour your Finnish pals?

Bubs said...

Thanks for the extra helping of 80's music to go with my morning cup.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I don't drink coffee. Nor am I a Finn. Probably a good thing.