Friday, February 16, 2007

Shuffling Through the Snow (or laying around in it, whichever)

Time to shuffle off again. I am happy to say I am enjoying a normal Friday night off. Yahoo!!!!

1.Say It Loud! I'm Brown and I'm Proud!-El Vez
2.Give Me Novacaine-Green Day
3.What's Under My Bed-Horrorpops
4.Back on the Chain Gang-The Pretenders
5.I'll Melt With You-Modern English
6.Through Your Eyes-Matthew Sweet
7.Rebellion (Lies)-Arcade Fire
8.Life During Wartime-Talking Heads
9.Somebody to Love-Queen

Screw the shuffle. I'm listening to London Calling and having a dance party in my living room all by myself. It's Red Tail Ale time!


Johnny Yen said...

Oh man-- the Random Ten I lost when I shut my ipod off by accident had "En El Barrio," his cover of "In the Ghetto!"

I finally got "Fear of Music" on cd a few months ago. I never get tired of that album, and especially that song.

Echo said...

Ecks-Bay Ark-Day and it's a new Paste Sampler night... Woot!

Bubs said...

Have fun with London Calling--our eldest got MizBubs that for Christmas and it's a favorite. I love that record.

Thanks for having the love theme from Valley Girl on your shuffle today. Enjoy the ale.

Friday, Feb 23--it's tiki time!

Bubs said...

Hey Tenacious--Friday, February 23 at Tiki Terrace, 1 S Wolf Rd, Prospect Heights, any time after 6:30pm

Dale said...

Some of those songs belong on a Monday shuffle - Back on the Chain Gang, Give Me Novocaine, Life During Wartime....great list. Happy Red Tail dance party night!

Grant Miller said...

I really like the Pretenders first two records, but I always get "Back on the Chaingang" and and "Middle of the Road" confused.

Beth said...

Can I come to the London Calling dance party?