Friday, February 23, 2007

Ode to the Rat

Tender leafy springtime plants
Covered with some little ants
You ate them and you left the stumps
You piled up great big muddy clumps

I came to pick a little flower
I saw your teeth had awesome power
I thought you were a baby rabbit
As it was spring and your species' habit

And then one day I saw two eyes
Reflecting back the sunny skies
To a mouse, I thought, they did belong
Oh how I was so very wrong

I didn't want to kill the mouse
Just flush him from his little house
Into the hole I stuffed the hose
And then so slowly the water rose

I waited and stared down the watery hole
And then the bubbles began to roll
Larger and larger the bubbles popped
And then in horror the hose I dropped

Out sprang a creature so dark and vile
He looked at me with his evil smile
"I ate your plants" he seemed to say
"F#@* you, rat!" this is your last day!

I screamed and ran as fast as I could
He needed to die, I thought he should
I dialed the phone to call the "man"
He came right over with his poison can

Down the hole the poison went
A message to the rat community sent
It took two rounds to kill the rat
He's dead, I'm happy and that is that.


Beth said...

I'm so freakishly afraid of rats, I can't bring myself to read the entire poem. And my feet are off the floor, should one run by me in the office.

Echo said...


Tenacious S said...

Yup. A work of art.

lulu said...

The first thing Jane brought up when I saw her this evening was this poem. It made her(and me) very happy.

Bubs said...

Kill the rat.

Kill the rat.

Well done, Ten. The only thing that would make this poem better would be if you stuck the dead rat on a stick and waved it around while reciting.

Tenacious S said...

I didn't video my recitation, Bubs, but you should've seen me!