Sunday, July 16, 2006

Welcome to the Time Warp


OK, wow. First of all, you need to know that this show was one of the hotteset shows I've ever been to. Like it was about 100 degrees inside the Double Door last night. The show was sold out, so it was also packed. Packed full of people who came to worship the scrappy start of honest to God punk rock. While the Buzzcocks may be celebrating their 30 year anniversary this month, they did not sound worn out or tired.

What we (Lulu and I) witnessed last night was a mighty roar from a band that is owed so much. I can't count the number of bands that claim the Buzzcocks as a major influence. Certainly many of the bands I listen to fall into that category. In fact , the bratty opening band from LA, The Adored, clearly ripped their act from the Buzzcocks book. Snotty, prancy little prats they were. And tinny when compared to the roar of sound that eminated from the speakers later in the evening.

So, unless I am wrong, I think the Buzzcocks are now basically Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle. Pete still delivers his vocals as if he didn't give a shit. Steve Diggle, however, appeared to be having the time of his life. Both of them looked and acted like they do in the video above, just with a bit of middle age pudge and some "character lines." To be kind, I think about 80% of the audience could be described in the same manner.

They played every song you wanted them to play. I can't think of one that was missing. If they had a flaw, it was that every once in awhile Steve Diggle would get a little too exhuberant and get a bit ahead of the rest of the band. Bravo to his youthful performance. I never once felt that they were bored or tired. I didn't feel that they were only there to make money. They seemed to be having as much fun as everyone in the crowd and were at least twice as sweaty as the rest of us. The sweat didn't stop them from playing and it didn't stop me from dancing. Although the crazy dance award of the night goes to some young lads a couple of rows in front of us who pogoed their way through most of the show. Yeah, I would've been carted off in an ambulance had I done that.

Almost as entertaining as the show, was the scene outside when the show was over. Imagine if you will a mass of sweaty middle aged people propped up against the side of the building and spilled out into a neighborhood whose typical demographic is mid-20's hipster. The young ones would walk past us with confused looks on their faces. Prize number two of the night goes to camoflauge kilt guy. This guy was awesome! Beer belly and all, he proudly wore his very cool kilt with some Doc Martins. Apparently, his wife refuses to be seen with him when he wears this. Hats off!

We briefly chatted with people on the way out about the old days at "The Metro" and Exit and Neo. I felt all night as if I knew many people in the room from some former life. I still go to many shows, but I did feel a true kindred spirit with those there last night. Definitely one of the best shows I have ever been to.


lulu said...

so, yeah, thanks for picking the video *I* was going to post.

Dale said...

Sounds like a good show! My university roomate played Orgasm Addict all the time.