Sunday, July 30, 2006

Life in Grand Rapids- Radio Void Vol.II

Why I have a crappy undergrad GPA:
1. Too much time at the radio station
2. Popov Vodka

Popov Vodka and I have grown apart over the years, but we used to be close friends. I used to hang out with him every weekend at Calvin College. He was clear and would mix right into my beverage and the RA couldn't tell we were drinking him. I went to a Christian college and I was not supposed to be friends with Popov. He wasn't supposed to visit me in my room and I wasn't supposed to invite him to parties. But, of course, I did.

My friend Dwayne worked at the Plainfield Gas and Grocery and would bring Popov over after work. We weren't old enough to be hanging around with Popov, but Dwayne would sneak him over. Then we would party with Popov in our dorm room. After that, it was anybody's guess as to what would happen next.

My favorite memory of Popov was when we went to a park together at about 2 a.m.. We decided that riding on the merry-go-round in the park was a swell idea. Popov had convinced us of that. Round and round we went. Faster and faster. Then, I realized, I'd had enough of Popov. Over to the bushes I ran to get away from him. Well, I don't remember the rest. I don't think Popov had my best interests at heart.

The next day I had to get up at 6:30 to go babysit three boys for the day. Popov was still with me, making my head hurt and my stomach ache. I wanted him to go away. Even Alka Seltzer wouldn't make him go away. Those three boys had no mercy for me and my problems with Popov. That was the day that I realized I would never allow myself to be a soccer mom. Let's just say that Popov and three soccer games are a bad combo.

Popov had many adventures with us. Some of them at the previously mentioned Club 67. Some of them at parties. Some of them in our room. Sometimes I miss Popov and all the fun we had together and how he made me laugh. But I think my life is better without him, little GPA wrecker.


Sonja said...

Popov, John Borrego, coffeeshop, Wojciech, John O., colored hose, Todd Schutte (pre-Christian), Knollcrest, Janell, Russ', Kurt & Joanne, The Limited, Purple Rain, Plato the Cat, Melitta coffee, Guest Room, RA's, Herbalife, Lancome, purple lipstick, orange telephones, Reaganomics, pegged pants, chapel, Tony Diekema, shoulder pads, Sem Pond,clove cigarettes, lobby, fluorescent sweaters, Express, Chimes, mousse, Olga's, Woodland Mall, Cottage Bar, Psychedelic Furs, ankle boots, Glenn Bulthuis, getting pearled, double belts, open hours, pointy shoes

Tenacious S said...

Thank you for your stream of consciousness summarization of my Calvin experience. Perfect! I miss the clove cigarettes and the people! And Olga's!

Coaster Punchman said...

OMG, clove cigarettes! 'Nuff said.