Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wouldn't You LiKe To Be A Pepper Too?


I can never decide how I feel about the RHCP. There are things I like about them, and things that I am not so excited about. For instance, I love their goofiness, but have a hard time with them because they are so "LA." I definitely liked their original guitar player, Hillel. Sadly, I don't think he liked himself very well. Anyhow, I submit to you vintage Peppers for your viewing pleasure. One last comment, Flea is awesome!


lulu said...

I have no problem with them being so LA. I totally love the concept of LA, I just don't want to live there.

The RHCP remind me of driving to Disney World with John in the Quantum with the moss on the luggage rack.

Melinda June said...

I gotta say a big thumbs up to the Peppers. There is nothing I like so much as a bit of funky rock and roll. They deliver every time.

Tenacious S said...

LL-Yes, me too. I was fully ensconced in the SC life when this came out, so I have lots of fond memories tied to it.

MJ-I love them, but for some reason there is this little hesitation in the back of my brain that stops me from really loving them. I don't even understand why. As stated before, they "rock" live. Flea is an underappreciated musical genius if you ask me. If he ever left the band, there would be no band. There is no boogie without the bass.