Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summertime Blues

Unlike The Who, I do think there is a cure for the summertime blues. It's called vacation. After being pounded relentlessly by work, we are leaving for a week in northern Wisconsin. Not an exotic destination I know, but exactly what I want. We stay on a small lake that only has homes on one side, the other is the Nicolet National Forest. Mostly, it's just us and the loons, which there are a lot of on this particular lake. They have freaky red eyes if you ever get the chance to see one up close.

The best part about this lake is the fact that no matter how much you try, your cell phone doesn't work. If you drive into the nearest town, which has a small grocery, a bar, a hardware store, a mechanic, a post office, and a cafe that is only open until lunch, you will still only get about two bars. Enough to check messages. There is not a whole lot to do besides swim and fish and lay in the sun with a good book. I'm a little bummed, because their brochure said they recently put a TV in the cabin. Why? I've been going to this same cabin since I was a kid and I never missed TV then, and I certainly wouldn't now. Too many supper clubs to go to in the evening. Oh, and local dirt track stock car races, the water ski show, and the coolest go-kart track I've ever been to. Why the heck would you need a TV? Even when it rains, there are games and puzzles and a great rec room (at the main lodge up the road) with air hockey, bumper pool and indoor shuffle board. TV has no place in this mix. Although it is worth it to try and catch the local news at least once for a good laugh.

Oh, and Lulu knows the best part. If you drive into the "big" town of Eagle River the candy store has the most awesome cinnamon ice cream ever!

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lulu said...

Mmmmmmmmm! Eagle River. I haven't been there in years.

Where is Ed staying while you're gone?