Monday, June 26, 2006

Holy Crap! Nothing Has Changed!

So I had the great fortune of spending time with one of my mom's dear friends this past weekend. We talked for quite some time. We reminisced about old times. We used to vacation in the previously mentioned cabin in Wisconsin with her and her family for years when I was growing up. I had a mini breakdown when we were on vacation, as being there was another "first" without my mom. It was always a source of such fond memories and now it seemed somehow changed. Anyhow, back to mom's friend. We recalled all the silly times we spent together. And then she started recalling my less than stellar behavior that reared its ugly head during my teenage years up there.

Before I know it, she starts telling me how she was so worried about me because I was so enthralled with music. Apparently, I forced her to listen to some of my music (who knows what it was). She said she told me at the time that I should not make music such a focus in my life. I know the undertone here is that I should always have God at the center of my life. She must have looked at me on Friday night and thought she saw a respectable adult woman who had "turned her life around." I am afraid to say that I don't think I have really changed that much. Generally, I no longer ride around with driver's who pull over to puke, but I still like my music and I like it loud. Perhaps it is an addiction, but it really has brought nothing but happiness and a bit of hearing loss to my life. I didn't think it was wrong then and I don't think it is wrong now.

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