Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today I Rant

I am appalled and disgusted by the news of the terrorist bombings in London today. On a personal note, I worry for the safety of my sister-in-law, Jhennifer, who is there peacefully studying architectural history. On a global note, why interrupt a conference where the possibility for real positive change is the focus? Clearly, I do not have the mind of a terrorist. Much wrong has been done to so many, but I think we can all agree that blowing things up is certainly no solution. And I would say the same to our own nation as we continue to torment people on what seems like a global basis. There's no point in asking why anymore. We're left with this mess and personally I feel helpless to effect any kind of change. I sign things when I can, write to congressmen, and even to the president. Yeah, I'm sure he read that! I feel the anger just boiling up inside of me this morning. Pure unadulterated disgust and that behavioral therapist feeling of "Consequate!" Not that I am advocating retaliation, just I wish there was a peaceful consequence that would stop this madness. Lauren, you're studying justice and punishment. Any thoughts? This is total injustice on all accounts as far as I can tell. What next?

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mateu said...

Isl@m's primary tenant being pressed today is the domination of the world for Isl@m. It's commanded in the Kor@n. The Isl@mic councils in the UK, Brussels, France, Stockholm and more have all declared separate status from their host countries by Isl@mic law. At a mosq@e dedication in Stockholm in 1983, the imam said that "...we will win the West for Isl@m in the next 50 years. We have the men, the money and God on our side (paraphrased)." If you look at the subsequent events since 1983, the immigration patterns in Europe and the US, and at the teachings that are being disseminated in a unified way around the world, the leaders of the religion are indeed winning the West for Isl@m. Today in Sweden, police and emergency personnel cannot enter certain cities without being attacked by mobs throwing bricks and bottles because the entire population of those cities are foreign m@slims who will not assimilate. Swedish liberalism is a slow form of suicide that is finally showing signs that death is near. Liberalism in general is a very bad idea in the world we live in. Moderate members of Isl@m who claim it's a religion of peace are not reading their holy book and are certainly ignoring the life lived by their reprobate prophet. The terrorists ARE reading their holy book and living out lives exactly like their prophet. Their goal for the West is the reestablishment of Isl@mic rule lost with the fall of the Moors and the Ottomans, who once stood to rule all of Europe as Rome once did.

There is no solution to this problem. Europe will most likely be an entirely Isl@mic continent in the next 20 years. At least Isl@mic after the model of Turkey. 25 million m@slims in Europe is like three cities of Chicago. That's alot of people. People who never assimilate into their new homeland but make their new homeland into their old one. There is no solution.
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