Monday, July 25, 2005

Ready for Eddie

I have now completed the most insane parenting task of my lifetime. On Saturday, I left at 7 in the morning to fly to Portland to pick up Edward, ...........a cat. If my children ever doubted my true love for them, it was proven through and through on Saturday. Four and half hours to Portland, a sprint thorough the airport, a quick pick-up, another mad dash to the ticket counter, followed by begging for "cuts" in the security line so I'd make my flight back home, a layover in Dallas and home by midnight. That's just plain nuts, and I was the fool who agreed! In the end, money was saved and a kitten was added to our family, but geez, that was a little extreme.

Edward has so far proved himself to be a perfect addition. He purred the minute I picked him up and has apparently fulfilled all my insane cravings I occasionally have for another child. This morning when I came back from my walk, there he was, all sleepy-eyed and purry and just plunked himself down in my lap while I drank my coffee. What else do you need? A little caffeine and a little furry love. It's all good.

I decided as he sat there purring that he was very healing to me. Lots of love has been lost this year and a little more added was a good thing. I know that it's just a cat, but sometimes it's the small things in life that put the big things in perspective. No words of wisdom will ever come from his mouth, he will never laugh as I blunder my way through parenting, but he will sit in my lap and love me while I drink my coffee in the morning and sometimes that is all you need. A small, furry calming force in my life. Not necessarily mindblowing theology or philosophy, but just a little piece of earthly joy to start the day, creation created for us by our Creator. I don't know, but i think it's pretty cool.

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lulu said...

yeah yeah yeah......that's all deep and spiritual and crap, but where are the pictures!?!?!?