Friday, July 08, 2005


So tonight we are paying our poor suffering students who have been working on our house for three weeks (for a restoration class-they PAID to work on my house!) in BBQ and beer. Believe me when I say I owe them more than a few beers. They have saved us at least a few thousand dollars. They are all very earnest "kids." And of course, one of them is vegan. I actually am looking forward to talking to them tonight. Not much of a chance so far with them, and myself at times, hanging off of scaffolding. I'll include some pictures of the house as it goes through the stages of restoration. All you really need to know is that our house was beige and literally had 110 years of paint on it. Makes for some fun scraping! I never really anticipated some of the repairs we've had to do. Who has to rebuild a chimney? Well, we did. I am very excited about restoring this house. The poor thing had been neglected for about 50 years when we bought it. They had refinished the inside, but did nothing but slap yet another coat of paint on the outside. It ends here! So, if you,d like to know what I'll be doing every weekend this summer, think scaffolding, caustic chemicals and scrapers. Sexy, huh?

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