Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me (But Lulu Might)

I always feel a little weird writing these types of posts. I think part of it is because I am not a particularly secretive person and have a tendency to just blab whatever comes to mind with little filter. So, are there seven things you don't know? Let's find out. Thanks to Flannery for hooking me up with the ability to potentially embarass myself.

1. I have a few vivid memories from when I was two. I've been told that not many people have memories from when they were that young. Bink, my son, also has very early memories. What this means or if this is of any benefit, I don't know.

2. I named my first cat Tabitha, after the girl on Bewitched. We later found out it was a boy and changed his name to Charlie.

3. I punched a hole in the wall of the duplex I lived in during my junior year in college. The guys who lived on the other side would not stop playing Night Ranger and I was in full Bauhaus mode at that time. Yup. I hate Night Ranger that much.

4. I preferred playing with GI Joe to Barbie, which made my childhood friend Laura cry more than once because I ran off to play with her brothers. I never really liked girls' toys very much. Unlike Flannery, I didn't want to be a boy, but I preferred their company.

5. The first few times I DJed at the college radio station I refused to talk. My friend, Jeanne, did the shift with me, so I would spin the records and do all the technical stuff and Jeanne would talk. It didn't last very long. I ended up liking it and spent far too much time at the station before it was all said and done. It's a minor miracle I graduated college.

6. Being a big fat chicken probably saved my life once. I went on a wilderness trip to the mountains in southeast Colorado when I was in high school. While we were there, we went on several rock climbing excursions. Because there was a large number of us climbing, those who reached the top and were waiting were clipped into an anchored ring for obvious safety reasons. When I reached the top, I was supposedly clipped in with everyone else. A bunch of people were getting silly and were running for the edge of the cliff, only to get yanked back when they ran out of rope and were anchored. Almost everyone did this. I hate heights and it was a amazing that I even managed the climb, so I clearly chose not to participate in this game. I found out as we were leaving that they had made a mistake with my ropes and I wasn't clipped in like the rest of them. I would have gone sailing off the edge of the cliff.

7. I have almost zero knowlege of primetime TV from my younger years. My parents were very strict both with what we could watch and how much we could watch. I really only remember Flipper, Little House on the Prairie, some Waltons, The Muppet Show and Emergency (which I lived for since I thought that Randolph Mantooth/Johnny Gage was totally hot). So if you all refer to retro TV shows, I haven't a clue.

Seems like lots of folks have already done this, so I'm only going to tag Lulu. Anarchy!


Flannery Alden said...

The question "if your friends tried to jump off a cliff would you do it?" is not hypothetical for you, is it? You can honestly answer your mother: no, actually, I wouldn't."

Thanks for sharing this. I have very early memories too. Like potty training, I remember being potty trained.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Geeze, we have a lot in common. We had a Siamese cat named Tabitha when I was little, I played with G.I. Joes exclusively (while my sister had Barbies), and I loved, loved, LOVED Johnny on Emergency!!!

Hot Lemon said...

hmmm... Th' Muppet Show rawked. as for that rock climbing thing-- not only would I have NOT run @ th' edge, I wouldn't have climbed up in th' 1st place.

Mine is comin', perhaps 2-morrow.

Beth said...

Randolph Mantooth crush: Check

Spending twenty hours a day at the radio station: Check

Scaredy cat in younger years: Check

Loving G.I. Joe: Check — except that we used him at Barbie's boyfriend. Ken was just that girlish buddy who lived next to Barbie.

Despising Night Ranger: Check, check, check, check, check.

I do believe you're my Midwest Doppelganger.

Coaster Punchman said...

But you got to watch "Bewitched" which is more than my ex-childhood neighbor Jenny got to do! (Her mother said witches were from the devil.)

On a related note, I too had a Tabitha. And a Samantha. Never a Serena though. Or an Endora.

lulu said...

I'm working on my list too.

My parents were the same way with the televison shows, although we didn't watch Emergency. They let us watch things like All In The Family and Laugh In, but not Three's Company or anything like that. One of my earliest TV memories is watching Monty Python in my father's office. We were living in Cincinnati, so I had to have been younger than 8

Dale said...

"I'm need an I.V. with ringers!" is burned in my brain forever thanks to Emergency. I enjoyed Dixie who always looked so breezy and half snapped.

I'm really glad you were a big fat chicken!

Grant Miller said...

I want to know what love is.

Shroom Monkey said...

seriously I love Night Ranger....

except for that Sister Christian song, cuz that sucked ass....