Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Much Has Changed?

In 1984, one of my good friends gave us all a copy of this EP (I'll explain on request for those too young to understand) for Christmas. When I look back, this was the year my eyes opened. I saw the world beyond mine. I signed petitions for Amnesty International, I subscribed to the Christian Science Monitor to get news outside our media. I wrote the piece for Africa in our college paper. I knew what was going on. Again, how much has changed? Change the name of the nation. Change the name of the specific issue. How much smarter are we? Merry Christmas to all.


anandamide said...

if nothing else, sting got rid of that awful hairstyle !!!

Hot Lemon said...

Oh, dear... I've always hated this song... The SONG, mind, not the concept or the work.

One way we've changed is to embrace a "FUCK THE POOR!!" attitude more and more-- if you suggested we walk across the country for nuclear disarmament you'd be laffed outta' th' room; but such things were taken seriously at one time.

Sonja said...

Sharon, I remember sitting in your dorm room with our friends, head against the wall, hearing this song for the first time.

The extended version had a brief monologue by David Bowie. When his voice came on, you looked up, alert, and said, "It's God!"

I know this song is corny to hipsters, but it still makes my eyes well up. Consider me old.

BeckEye said...

That video was like a wet dream for me. I loved the shit out of all of those Brit-poppers.

Dale said...

A Britpop star traffic jam. It made us all think at least.

Happy Holidays Tenacious S to you and the family.

Beth said...

I love that song. I sob the first time I hear it every season.

I hope you and the rest of the Tenaciouses have a lovely Christmas.