Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two For Tuesday

MY TEENAGE STRIDE-They Are Alone in Their Principle

Hailing from the Northeastern U.S., this band entered my radar when they were featured recently on my beloved eMusic. A bit of a throwback to the '80's bands like The Chills and The Go-Betweens, My Teenage Stride has fab melodic tunes with relatively snarky lyrics. Right up my alley.

THE GO-GO'S-Head Over Heels

So, you want to know what I look like when I dance? Watch Belinda Carlisle in this video. I suppose it's not too shocking that I dance like an '80's chick. I learned to dance in the'80's. What do the crazy kids dance like now? Do they still dance? I have to say that among my favorite memories are weekends spent in Smart Bar dancing until I was sweaty and drunk. Now that's some fun.


Dale said...

Toe tapping and hand clapping fun.

I dance like Belinda too but I'm terrible at the off the shoulder look.

Bubs said...

I had a great time watching that video, thanks. When the Go-Go's came out I was horribly conflicted--I was hot for Belinda Carlisle, but I hated catchy pop stylings. You can imagine my dilemna.

Tenacious S said...

Bubs, I agree. I was conflicted as well. I think the Go-Go's had the potential to be a more substantial band, but then they wouldn't have been the Go-Go's, which I think is what has cemented them in the history books. Did that make sense?

anandamide said...

yeah, i don't know what it was about belinda carilisle. not really conventionally hot but she had that certain something. until that sad episode a few years back when she had her whole body re-done surgically and went in playboy. too latoya jackson.

also, did anyone else nearly have a seizure when this video started?

Tenacious S said...

Maybe too much dopamine or low production value. Not sure which one.

Beth said...

I loved the video by My Teenage Stride so much, I went straight to eMusic and downloaded Ears Like Golden Bats.

I owe you. You rock!

And that's my fave Go-Go's tune, so now I'm off to dance around the room.

Tenacious S said...

Beth, I thought you might like My Teenage Stride. I love eMusic so much I could kiss it. It's my fave Go-Go's song as well. I like them in small doses of cotton candy goodness. Too much, though, and I get sick.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I always loved watching Go-Gos videos. If you watch closely, you'll see the drummer keeping time by mouthing the number of beats to herself. Priceless.