Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Brain is Like Swiss Cheese

There's no way I'll ever remember all of the shows that Lulu and I have seen, but here is what I've managed to retrieve from my memory.

Naked Raygun, Smashing Pumpkins, Violent Femmes, EIEIO, The Suburbs, Trip Shakespeare, Cheap Trick, Lenny Kravitz, INXS, The Cars, The Thompson Twins, The Church, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, The Smiths, The Dickies, New Order, Phranc, Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Bomb, The Methadones, Matthew Sweet, Wilco, Peter Murphy, The Finn Brothers, Detholz, Big Black, Ted Leo, !!!, 7 Seconds, The Bollweevils, The Blue Meanies, Mustard Plug, 7000 Dying Rats, Liquid Soul, a bazillion blues bands at 4 am at Kingston Mines, The Briefs, The Buzzcocks, Head Cat, Dick Dale, Sugarcubes, Jane Siberry, No Doubt, Marshall Crenshaw, Dave Edmunds, The Drovers, El Vez, Nicholas Tremulis, The Waterboys, Bob Mould, The Wallflowers, Garbage, Duvall, Paul Westerberg and we're going to go see The Smoking Popes and 4 Star Alarm on Friday night.

OK, I admit this isn't a complete list, but I have a brain cramp now. Too many venues, too many shows, and wow, if you add it all up, a whole lot of cash was dropped (add another few thousand on beer). Lu, feel free to mention any that I've forgotten.


lulu said...

Ziggy Marley was at that Cheap Trick show at Alpine, who was the headliner?

A million little local bands, The Memo, Hot Glue Gun, etc...and a million opening bands I have forgotten the names of.

Four Star Alarm at least once already.

Mucca Pazzo

Who else was at the Hide Out shindig last summer?

Bidn't we see Echo and the Bunnymen, Soixie (or however you spell her name) and The Cure, so some similar lineup?

Queen, Billy Squire.

I've seen Elvis Costello at least 4 times, I kind of assume you were there at least once.

I saw Stone Roses and Soup Dragon at Metro, where you there for either of those shows?

God. Too many, or not enough, I'm not sure which.

Tenacious S said...

INXS was the Cheap Trick headliner. I saw Siouxsie and The Cure when I lived in MIchigan. Never saw Echo & The Bunnymen. I have never seen Elvis Costello, which is one of my great regrets. Yeah, I didn't even start with the little bands. This list would quadruple if you had lived in South Carolina with me, since I saw a show almost every week down there thanks to WUSC. Hideout last year, Negative Approach, Jon from the Mekons, Shellac, Girls Against Boys, and my fave...Scratch Acid. See, I remember seeing some shows at the place I always forget the name of on Belmont that isn't there anymore. I also know I've forgotten several Metro shows and this is not a complete list from Riot Fest last year. Yikes.

Beth said...

What — no R.E.M. shows?

Very jealous of y'all seeing The Ramones; that's the show I missed.

Frank Sirmarco said...

Even as a partial list, that's some pretty impressive concert attendance.

Tenacious S said...

Beth, trust me, I've seen REM, just not with Lulu. Remember, I used to live in South Carolina.

Grant Miller said...

I think, depending on the dates, I was at about half those shows.

Thanks for posting the JMC pic.

lulu said...

And I've seem REM at least 6 times, just not with Sharon. Remember, she went to college down south and lived in SF for ten years. We were apart for a good portion of our concert viewing careers

Bubs said...

Wow. What a list!

As a result of your posts over the past few days I now have a wicked sense memory--the mingled smells of damp leather, clove cigarettes and Aqua Net from so many of those shows.

red said...

Elvis Costello gave one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I actually took Evil Genius as a surprise back when we were dating. My taste is a lot more mainstream than you guys', but I've also seen The Who, Prince, Tony Bennett, Steven Merritt (of Magnetic Fields), Jill Sobule, Ben Folds a half dozen times, and a whole mess of people you would either ridicule me for liking or never have heard of ('cause they're mostly country).

Dale said...

What a fantastic list! I must poll myself and make such a list sometime. This is comment is nowhere near as interesting as your list.

red said...

Doh! How could I forget? I also once saw Johnny Cash, with June and the Carter family.