Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not Dead Yet...

I recently got tagged by Frank of The Sirmarco Letters, I mean, Guacamole Pants. Anyhow, I'm supposed to get all morbid and stuff and come up with a list of songs I would want played at my funeral. Well, I can say that having lived part of my life enthralled with the whole goth thing, this wasn't too much of a stretch for me. So here we go. Fifteen songs that I want blasted when I perish:

1. Youth-Love and Rockets
2. What a Wonderful World-sung by Joey Ramone
3. Where I Belong-Duvall
4. My Body is a Cage-Arcade Fire
5. Slice of Life-Bauhaus
6. 1000 Tons of Ice-The Bomb
7. Hold on Hope-Guided by Voices
8. The Life is the Red Wagon-Jane Siberry
9. Walk in Cold-Naked Raygun
10. The Past is a Grotesque Animal-Of Montreal
11. Tonight, Tonight-Smashing Pumpkins
12. Sweet Soul Dream-World Party
13. Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile-Warren Zevon
14. Cynical Girl-Marshall Crenshaw
15. I want to hear what YOU think my last song should be.

Do I get to decide where I want this function? Can I rent out Metro with a full bar and have a live band as well? Stage dive for me, will you?

I'm tagging Beth, Julia, Echo, and Grant.


lulu said...

I'm a fan of Forever Young by Alphaville

red said...

Wow, that was my Senior Prom song. The Juniors picked it. The year my class planned prom, our song was "For Just a Moment", the love theme from St. Elmo's fire, with lyrics.

Beth said...

"Keep Me in Your Heart" tears me apart. Have you read the new Zevon bio? I've been writing that post for two months ...

Frank Sirmarco said...

Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo

Coaster Punchman said...

Like you, I am electing to have a rockin party. With a different kind of rockin of course.

Dale said...

I think you should have my last song Tenacious S - What'll I Do? It'll leave everyone crying, even me.

Grant Miller said...

I think someone else tagged me first! Sorry!