Sunday, November 12, 2006

Songs From the Confessional Vol. VII

NO DOUBT-Excuse Me Mr.

Perhaps we have forgotten that our shame can be outted. To play fair, I'll out myself first, 'cuz this is a doubleheader today ladies and gentlemen. The only thing I'll say in my defense is that there still aren't a whole lot of chicks out there. None on stage at Riot Fest to be exact. I've gone so far as to see them an arena. Anyone who knows me, knows what that means. Hey, I had 90 minutes of sweaty bouncy fun. Nuff said.


Welcome to the club, Johnny! Enjoy your 15 minutes. No one ever said they had to be good minutes, did they?


lulu said...

I adore No Doubt and have seen them live at least a couple of times, including once at the Brawlroom. Great shows!

I have never ever seen KC and the Sunshine Band live, but I seem to remember that they were a staple on 70's variety shows.

Johnny Yen said...

Oh my-- seen some good ones in the Brawlroom-- ZZ Top in 1980; Iggy, the Ramones and the Dickies in 1988, and others.

Coaster Punchman said...

Hooray, the return of the Confessional! I've missed this. I thought you liked that one song from the 80s that No Doubt made a cover of. I guess it doesn't mean you have to like No Doubt. I really hate that song "Don't speak, I know what you're thinking...." because I was hopelessly in unrequited luv at the time and the words were a little too true for my liking.

lulu said...

Yet another connection.....TenS and I were at that Ramones, Iggy show as well. We saw a guy get knifed.

Tenacious S said...

Okay, Dale. 'Fess up. We all know you have at least one secret music shame. I'm being sporting and parading my shame for the world, for the second time, too, I might add. We all know the Mighty Echo's musical achilles heel. What's yours?

Dale said...

Oh Jesus, I'll have to get back to you because I'm not sure how deeply I should shame myself. I have so many of them I can barely admit them to myself 'heyyy, how'd that get on my iPod? heh heh heh'. I'm ridiculous and sad and will get back to you. I love Shriekback's version of Get Down Tonight over the KC version though. (I'm already trying to preempt the shame)