Friday, August 11, 2006

WWBD (What Would a Behaviorist Do) Vol. I

In this column I will attempt to provide answers for mundane as well as extreme behavior issues. Feel free to send in any behavior related questions in the comment section.

Dear Behaviorist,
In the past, when I've locked my keys in the car, I end up breaking a window in a fit of rage or drink myself into a stupor and end up face down in a gutter. Should I get remote keyless entry?

Forever Losing My Keys

Dear Keyless,
The antecedent (trigger/stimulus) for your behavioral outbursts is clearly locking your keys in the car. While remote keyless entry is a nice option for automobiles, I do not recommend buying a whole new car to solve your problem. My recommendation to avoid this behavior in the future is to do one of two things. One, have an extra set of keys made and give them to someone with a better memory than you. Two, leave a note to yourself to remove keys from car upon exiting the vehicle. Additionally, I may suggest that you reinforce yourself for remembering your keys. Perhaps a cheery note to yourself upon arriving home and managing to put your keys on the key hook might suffice. Be creative with your reinforcer. Remember, the reinforcer has to be strong enough to increase the likelihood of the good behavior (remembering keys). Really, this is a simple case of stimulus control. If you control the stimulus by not allowing the possibility of having your only friggin' set of keys locked in your car, the negative behaviors will be happily avoided. I also suggest seeing a psychiatrist as your emotional/behavioral outbursts suggest emotional lability, which can be a sign of deeper issues. Happy motoring!

Eternally Controlling,
The Behaviorist


Still Digging The Remote Keyless Entry said...

So... does that mean no to the remote keyless entry? Cause let's face it, that's a cool feature. Especially if you can start the car remotely. I mean, how cool is that?

Sign me,
Still digging the remote keyless entry

Echo said...

Nicely done, T. As someone who has only locked himself out once (I used to be great with a slim jim) I understand the frustration.

Dale said...

I prefer to start drinking before looking for the keys. I never find them but I'm too drunk to care.

Tenacious S said...

Dear Keyless,
So do you really lock your keys in your car, or do you just want a new automobile with the keyless remote entry? I'm starting to wonder.

Tenacious S said...

Echo, why do you know how to use a slim jim? Is there something you need to share with the group?

Tenacious S said...

That's just do you get to work the next day?

Dale said...

Never stop drinking. Trains work fine for getting to work and the liquor store.