Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Perfect Day

How often do you have a perfect day? Today was one of them. My work was unexpectedly cancelled for the day, so Sweetness, Bink and I decided we should go to the zoo. The polar bear has always been one of our favorites.

Sweetness and Bink were very impressed by the size of the lion's paws.

For some reason, the beaver really liked Bink and seemed to play with him.

And how can you not love a penguin with such great eyebrows?

After we left the zoo, we met Lulu for dinner at Hamburger Mary's and then went to get ice cream.

We wrapped up the day at Lulu's. Lulu and I had a chance to talk and she amused the kids with her large collection of Edward Gorey books. Does life get any better? Today we were Bubblemen. Today we had antennas and danced.


Dale said...

The unexpected perfect day - very nice. I want one.

Melinda June said...

Polar bears are the best thing at the zoo. What a fabulous day!

Tenacious S said...

I love the polar bears. They are so large and ungraceful on land and large and goofy looking in the water. They swim so well, and yet *sleek* is not the word I would ever use to describe them.

Coaster Punchman said...

Speaking of cute pics of animals, where are we on the Edward pic schedule?

lulu said...

Isn't it amazing that your children can spend an entire day and evening unplugged and not die? Even if I did accidently give them ninja porn.