Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Left" Out

In the late eighties, Split Enz frontman Neil Finn formed what was to be a band that went on to eclipse the Split Enz fame. Crowded House, for me, was one of those bands who even though they attained fairly wide commercial success, never was nor became anything less than a group that consistently produced impeccable music. Their lyrics and harmonies have stayed with me through many years now. Rich and luscious, with Neil's pure voice layered on top, they were and are again one of the best bands that have straddled the alternative/commercial line. While they were a little too commercial to get played on most alternative stations and a little too alternative and thoughtful to get ridiculous overplay on commercial stations, they managed to find their audience, and I for one, appreciate the music they've left for us. This is my very favorite song by them.

CROWDED HOUSE-Into Temptation


lulu said...

I love me some Finn brothers. I've seen them either as the brothers Finn or as Crowded House on several occasions (at least once with you) and have never been less than completely happy.

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

have you any thunks or opinions of The Old Crow Medicine Show??

BeckEye said...

Oh God, I love this song. Neil Finn is definitely one of the best vocalists ever, and CH was sadly underappreciated. It really annoys me when idiots on VH-1 and such refer to them as "one-hit wonders," because all they can remember is "Don't Dream It's Over."

I once had a dream about the Finns. I went to see them play a bar, and I was apparently buddy-buddy with Neil but then I ended up totally making out with Tim.