Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Mighty Fine Vessel She Was

Ahoy, me hearties! I wanted to tell ye a tale of the fine and worthy vessel the Balclutha. Aaargh, she is near me heart 'ere since I set foot on her back in the autumn of 2000. We were sailors and pirates for a night, aye.

Me journeys took me onto the mighty Balclutha with a bunch of young scallywags, lads and lassies. The youngens were in need of some supervison on their overnight voyage. We swabbed the decks, lowered the boats, rowed, cooked and sang sea chanteys. We took shifts on the nightwatch and kept the bells. As the sun rose o'er the bow, while sippin' me coffee and overlooking the sleepy city of San Franciso, this pirate had a most memorable moment indeedy. The sea salt in the brisk morning air was intoxicating.

Arrgh, I miss the sea.


Echo said...

She's a fine ship! Arrgghh! But did she have barrels o' grog in her mess?

Tenacious S said...

No grog on this vessel. Too many lads and lassies.

Coaster Punchman said...

*Scallywags* be a mighty fine word, me buxom wench! Arrrggghhh! (Did I do that right?)