Friday, March 14, 2008

Achy Breaky Random Ten

This week's random ten finds me a bit achy and a bit breaky. I have a fever and I managed to damage my knees at the gym. I'm Adviled up and iced down and feeling a little less tenacious than usual. Hopefully this won't stop me from seeing Negro Commando tomorrow night at the Cobra Lounge. Negro Commando was the incubator for Naked Raygun. It consisted of Marko Pezzati, Jeff Pezzati and Santiago Durango. I doubt they will ever play together again, so it sure would be nice to be well enough to go. Here's some fuel for your weekend:

1. We Used to be Friends-The Dandy Warhols
2. Challengers-The New Pornographers
3. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Me, Kiss Me-XTC
4. 1000 Tons of Ice-The Bomb
5. Sad Transmission-The Raveonettes
6. Alex Chilton-The Replacements
7. Hit a Nerve-The Methadones
8. Mirrorful-Jawbox
9. Give Me Novacaine-Green Day
10. Plots and Plans-Film School



Beth said...

You always have the coolest Random 10. "Alex Chilton" is my ringtone for non-regular callers; it almost makes me happy when marketers call.

Gawd, I haven't heard this Film School track in ages. Off to iTunes ...

Hope you're feeling more tenacious tomorrow.

Johnny Yen said...

Great list!

The last time I saw Santiago play, it was 1986, and me and my friends were hanging with Jeff and Jon and the other guys in Raygun, watching Santiago play with Steve Albini's group Big Black at a long-gone club called Crosscurrents, near Belmont and Clark.

I'm working at the Evanston place tonight-- I'm closing, so I'll be there late, if you guys are around.

Tenacious S said...

OK, so it wasn't the original lineup as they billed it. It was, shock, Naked Raygun playing a free show for the Cobra Lounge's 2nd birthday. I do love that place. Small, good sound. They played a really long set as well.

Grant Miller said...

I wanted to see the Raveonettes this week. But I didn't.

Dale said...

I just feel good when I hear Alex Chilton by The Replacements. I'm going to start crank calling Beth just to make her happier.