Monday, April 23, 2007

Here They Come Again

I have to wonder if Friday night is the last night I will ever see my beloved Naked Raygun live again. Have they come out of retirement for good or are they just here for a victory lap? Either way, I'll be there one more time on Friday night, this time at the House of Blues.

My hope for them is that Jeff's voice will hold out, as it crumbled during their last outing due to illness. I want to hear the mighty Raygun roar one more time. I want to hear them rip straight through "Knock Me Down" and "Metastasis." I want to hear the crowd singing all the whoa-hey-ho's. I want to see a mass of devoted followers scrambling for free shit. I want to see and hear my guys at least one more time.

I am guardedly optimistic about the evening. Sweetness and one of her friends are coming with us. I want them to love it as much as I do, even though I know that is impossible. These are the anthems of my youth, of my rebellion, not theirs. They'll have their own. I sometimes feel like I wish we could do the stupid Freaky Friday trick and switch bodies for one day so that she could feel all that I feel when I listen to Naked Raygun. Well, hell, now I've ventured into Disney territory. That's just sad.

I love this band. I guess it's past of what makes me, well, me. Can I mosh just a little bit?


Beth said...

I guess it's part of what makes me, well, me.

That says it all. I hope you mosh all night long.

lulu said...

That video is twelve years old? Jeff never ages, does he?

Bubs said...

have fun!

Grant Miller said...

Do you have Sirius? They just started a "Punk" channel and it's on constantly at my house. It's given me an entirely new reason for living.

Beth said...

Have a great time tonight!

Dale said...

Hope was it was excellent. Was Jamie Lee Curtis there?