Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Boys in the Bands Vol. III

Michael Hutchence was the ultimate frontman. Beautiful, fabulous voice and moves that created a tension so palpable, you could rip it apart with your teeth. A writer, a singer, an Aussie and tragically missing now from our lives. Oh, Michael, you were my favorite lead singer.

INXS is probably one of the poppiest bands that I will willingly cop to loving. They had a great groove and churned out hit after hit in the 80's and into the early 90's. I had the good fortune of seeing them live on two occasions. Michael was a master of working the stage and the crowd and his voice sounded just as great live as it did recorded. Not everyone can claim that feat. Add the fact that he was beautiful and a bundle of sensual energy and you have the recipe for whipping people everywhere into a hot and bothered frenzy. I typically don't cross lines into that category either, preferring to stay a little more detached, but oh my, oh my.

Sadly, we lost Michael back in 1997. Celebrity deaths usually feel to me more like a fact than anything important. Michael Hutchence's death felt like something more. I actually miss him. Nope. Didn't know the guy at all, but I can feel the hole that he left in the world, at least in my world. Maybe it's because I don't usually let myself turn into a squealing twelve year old at the meer thought of someone unobtainable. Maybe he was my rock and roll ideal. Whatever the case, I miss him. I refuse to go see them with J.D. whoever taking his place. It would feel awkward and would make me miss him all the more. Do I feel like a teenage fan girl even as I write this? Yes, I do.

So, here's an homage to teenage lust and the teenage lust that lives inside of every one of us, I hope. Or should I say, the devil inside.


Anonymous said...

JD Fortune, is something you need not miss.... If you have a chance... GO.

Tenacious S said...

Huh? Why? He's not Michael Hutchence. I think it kind of ends there for me.

Anonymous said...

INXS's "The Swing" brings me back to the summer of 1984 in a way that Prince's Purple Rain, REM's Reckoning and Springsteen's "Born in the USA" do. Hutchence was hugely talented.

Tenacious S said...

I love the clip I found about him talking about his vision. Sounds like a blessing for him instead of a curse. God, I miss him. What kind of dork am I?