Friday, October 13, 2006

Lest We Forget

It is still October and it is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of my friends is struggling with this disease right now and she is actively involved with Young Survival Coalition. They actively promote education programs for younger women under 40. This is a portion of the population that runs high risk of going undetected because most have never had a mammogram. Once again, get those yearly exams.


Anonymous said...

Great cause.

And... Wow.

Beth said...

Damn, girl, are you trying to make us feel inadequate? I'm off to button up my blouse.

Seriously, I love and admire your dedication to the cause. I think you're the coolest.

Dale said...

Excellent work. And boobs.

schmeckman said...

I think you just saved my prostate, too, TenS.