Friday, January 27, 2006

Crappy Birthday To Me!

I think I hold the world's record for crappy birthdays. Last year, although the party was fierce, was bittersweet as it was my first one without my mom. The year prior to that, my cat of fifteen years died ON my birthday. Now this year has brought hands down, my worst meeting for work ever. I won't bore anyone with details of my work life, but it was an intense and bordering on unprofessional meeting where I got bashed around a lot. Gratefully, I had my unbelievably kind and loyal boss by my side. Were it not for her, I might have come a bit unglued.

So, the realization that I have come to is that once you are an adult, your birthday is no longer sacred ground. Instead of celebrating the day you were born, basically it can occasionally make you wonder why you are alive. Yes, I am mentally stable. Please note an air of sarcasm. Long gone are the party hats and fabulous gifts and the lavishing of attention on you. Maybe as a society we should really take birthdays more seriously. I think each one of us would agree that it would be nice to have one day where people build you up instead of tear you down. I really do think everyone should have a day off of work for their birthday and be able to do something fun and life celebrating.

That said, I'm back to work. Happy, happy, joy, joy!


lulu said...

Let's have lunch and talk about our crappy birthdays. Maybe 41 is just an off year????

I wuv oooo!

Miss E said...

heeey- atleast you got to party at AE's and get a pretty-ful card given from me to...
*strikes a funny pose and throws card at moms face*

Melinda June said...

obviously, you work with unreasonable wankers who don't understand the gift they've been given by knowing you. Nitwits!

Happy birthday a bit late!

Tenacious S said...

Wanker. Now there's a word I don't use often enough to describe those who plague me. I think I need to reinsert it into my vocabulary. Thanks for the birthday cheer!