Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I hadn't intended to be a blog slacker, but I guess I became one. One week became two and now a whole month. What happened? I don't really know. It started with celebrating Emma's 12th birthday and ended with my annual IEP (Individual Education Plan) season, which is a lot like tax time for a CPA.

Actually, I lie. It ended with a fabulous trip to Jamaica where the weather was perfect and my only complaint is that I got some bug bites (they are awfully itchy). The most fun and interesting part of the vacation is when we left the resort property and went to a local reggae dance hall on the beach one night. I can only liken it to a wild west saloon. Think of all the lawlessness and stereotyped figures there. Now insert a fabulous rasta beat and you've got the picture. I was especially impressed with the local ladies......I did not know that go-go boots could be silver AND have silver fur. I felt so underdressed.

So, I think I'm officially back. I know I owe the kitty lust club some pictures, but you sickos are just going to have to wait. Ed ain't goin' anywhere, so his fabulousness will have to wait for another time. I have big plans this weekend to take the middle school posse to an all ages gen-u-wine punk rock show. No booze. Ouch.